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Our research spans various aspects of the largest and most dynamic pandemic in the history of the world:

1) The Virus itself.

The coronavirus is elusive and deadly, however we need to understand more and more regarding the spike protein. our interests are in its virulence, ability to thrive and the potential of genetic varients without vaccine development.

2) The interaction of the Virus with Us.

The understanding on how our inate and acquired immunity is developing with us is a fundamental aspect of our interests.

3) The Vaccine actions.

We anticipate that when we "poke the dragon, the dragon pokes back". This is what we expect from the vaccine, the interests we have divulge and extrapolate how the vaccine may effect the variations including long term genetic divergence.

4) The Vaccine side effects.

Now we think about the short and long term effects of the mass vaccination globally.

5) The testing accuracy, efficiency, reproducibility.

PCR are inaccurate, LFT tests are even more so. We look at the variations in the results and give insight into different options and ideas into newer testing as well as more accurate options.

All in all, the pandemic has thrown many curve balls, globally and few countries have actually been exceedingly victorious. We anticipate that in the next 2 years this will be an industry which will develop and will attain more clarity and more financial assistance.

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