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COVID 19 Vaccines
Image by Fusion Medical Animation

Since the 2020 pandemic, over 6 million people have died from COVID 19. The latter part of the year vaccinations were released, many of which were based on novel technologies such as mRNA developments.

Since the launch of the vaccines, we have seen an increase of vaccine injuries from most countries using some of the novel versions of the pharamceutical products. These have been elaborated in governemental statistics globally.

Our studies look into different parameters with individuals who have been vaccinated and data entries which could influence decisions on future boosting and vaccinations.

Bone and Cartilage Biology

Bone is an enigma many consider far more complex than currently understood, our team is on the fore front of keeping up with the research in bone biology.


 We look into mechanisms in scaffolding, protein activation and development of genetic markers in bone progenitor cells. Other components include understanding the neural and chemical activators of osteoclasts.

Further interests include finding models detecting strength and mineral density during bone turnover, activation of cartilaginous centers and the development of newer imaging techniques in the same.

Healthcare Neuro Immunology

The combination of medical and dental systems has become more and more known to the clinical teams. Understanding how the biosystems of the human and bacterial biome interact are key to understand physiology.

Many therapeutics cause certain interactions between the nervous system and the various other systems in the body including those non-human components such as the microbiome. We endeavour to detect these mechanisms.

Converting these into models is the next key as pect of this protocol. Prediction of how populations of cells, viruses and bacteria work with synaptic stimulus will keep clear a new age of healthcare.

Genetic Engineering and Genomics

The key to Genetics, Genomics and Epigenetic is making it available to both patients and clinicians for the better. Analysing the vast aspects of this dynamic and key field in healthcare will be inevitable in controling pathologies.

Our interests include 3 mechanisms, those dealing with head and neck cancer, developmental disorders of the head and neck as well as those affecting the senses, whether they include; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

AS is working towards developing models of disease control with complex mathematical and deep learning protocols to institute the same. This is a complex field of healthcare which needs more and more research.

Synthetic Biological Initiatives

Synthetic and Cybernetic Biological services are a future driven component in healthcare. We wish to integrate the same to understand the development of the next stage in human evolution.

We want to develop legal and planned initiatives in understanding how synthetic components can be made to interact with human biologic systems. The mechanisms here are importan to formulate between the neural and non neural components of physiology to understand how they connect.

Models built on these understandings will be an aspect which can possibly control the future of medicine.

Pharmco-Concepts in Psychadelics

Understanding the pharmaco dynamics of various considered Psychoactive components from the natural world are an important component of how one can control them better.

Legal and Ethnopharmacologic research methods in understanding the various Psychoactive components and mechanisms of action will bring about a better understanding of some of these extremely ancient components.

The ability to develop Models which could influence neuro immunology in cancer research. The ability of these components was re-introduced by the Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs 1967-2017.

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