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Genetics & Genomics

Genetics is the next frontier of science. The future of who we are lies in the chromosomes we take for granted. Diseases and health lie amongst the genes. Our aim is to find the patterns.

1) CRISPR-Cas9 and Beyond.

CRISPR technology has evolved with new variations like CRISPR-Cas12 and CRISPR-Cas13, offering more precision, efficiency, and versatility in gene editing. These advancements allow for the targeting of a wider range of genetic elements and RNA molecules.

2) Human Dental Genome Project, Orthodontic Genome Project.

We are looking for the first ever chairside genome analysis in dental pathology with regards to caries and periodontology. Where do we go in planning orthodontics? Can we predict the methods available? Can we decide which patients should have extractions, which shouldn't?

3) Polygenic Risk Scoring.

PRS involve aggregating the effects of numerous genetic variants across the genome to assess an individual's risk for developing certain diseases. This approach has seen significant advancements, improving the prediction and understanding of complex diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers..

4) Genome Wide Association Studies.

GWAS continue to evolve with larger sample sizes and more diverse populations, uncovering genetic variants associated with diseases and traits. Advances in statistical methods and computational tools have enhanced the ability to interpret GWAS data, linking genetic variants to specific biological pathways and potential therapeutic targets.

5) Protein Structure Analytics.

Protein Structure Analytics includes the various means of developing analogues to enzymes and protein structures remotely without a biological interface. This is an important aspect in consideration of various drug interactions prior to development of the drug (as this would be a expensive mistake if negative). We consider that this would be a fundamental in deciding whether some drugs would be trialled before they were considered in human trials.

These advances in genetics and genomics not only deepen our understanding of life at the molecular level but also pave the way for new therapeutic approaches, diagnostic tools, and personalized medicine strategies, revolutionizing healthcare and biological research.

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